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Loving what you do is the first stage in doing a good job.​

We are the best bee removal experts! Our crew at NETGI Bee Removal is completely qualified and certified to handle the job. Our bee removal services are designed to get rid of bee hives, swarms, or colonies without having to kill them.


To accomplish this, our bee specialists will first examine the afflicted region to determine the type of bee at issue before recommending a removal and relocation approach. 

100% Organic

No risky or toxic chemicals are utilized throughout the procedure for you and your family.

Saving the bees makes us happy

The Netgi Bee Removal team is dedicated to provide you a natural and secure removal service and being accessible when you need us. Our crew will remove your bees with the utmost skill and consideration. ensuring that you will have a special experience in the community


A quick, effective bee removal service that protects both you and the bees.


To solidify our status as the top business in Texas providing commercial and residential bee eradication services.


Simplicity, effectiveness, dedication, and a close relationship with nature.


If you’re seeking for bee removal experts nearby, our specialists would be pleased to help you out at your place right away!

The location of the honeycomb that bees generate must be determined before the building may be opened.

The bees, honey, and comb must then be removed after being located. After that, wash the area and use a primer/sealer to get rid of the honey odor.

In order to stop further bee invasion, the location where the honeycomb was found will finally be isolated.

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